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Troubleshooting Your Fuel Pump

Posted by Mike on 1/22/2020 to Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Your Fuel Pump

Does your car feel sluggish? Does the engine die after a few miles of driving, or even worse, it simply does not start?

Those symptoms may mean a bad fuel pump, but how you can be completely sure?

That is exactly the goal of this article, assisting you troubleshooting your fuel pump and thus prevent unnecessary repairs due to wrong diagnostics.




What Causes Carburetor Flooding

Posted by Mike on 1/14/2020 to Rochester B
What Causes Carburetor Flooding
There are several things that can cause flooding. I will address each.

The 1st thing most people want to do when their carb is flooding is change the float setting. Unless the float is hugely off, that isn't the problem. At least as far as the setting goes. Set your float to specifications and leave it there. Fudging the float setting is covering up the real problem.

How To Replace GDI Fuel Injectors

Posted by Mike on 1/9/2020 to Fuel Injector

These instructions are a general outline of what needs to be done to replace GDI injectors. As you can see this is not for the faint of heart. Proper tools are critical, which most hobbyists will not have. This article will at minimum give you an idea of “can I do this myself”.

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