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  • Buick & Pontiac Fuel Injector
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    Carter RBS Carburetor Float
    Part # FL30
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    Choke Pull-Off - AFB
    Part # P7108
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    Fuel Injector - Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth New
    Part # N500-1166
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  • Mike's Carburetor Parts is the number one online retailer for all carburetor parts for popular brands. We are passionate about carburetor repairs and we want to share our passion with you. Browse our library of automotive, truck, marine, industrial, and agricultural carburetor parts to find what you need for less.

    Carburetor Kits and Parts

    We offer carburetors, carburetor kits, choke pull-offs, floats, choke thermostats, accelerator pumps, gaskets, idle mixture screws, jets, metering rods, TPS, fuel injectors and many hard to find carburetor parts. We take pride in what we sell and we make a point to offer only quality carburetor parts for top brand carburetors like Aisan, Autolite, Carter, Edelbrock, Holley, Marvel Schebler, Mercarb, Motorcraft, Rochester, Solex, Stromberg, SU, Weber Marine and Zenith.

    Marine Carburetor Parts

    We also sell a wide variety of marine carburetor kits, floats, and pull-offs for Mercury Marine, Palmer, OMC, Gray Marine, outboard motors and other marine carburetors. Whatever you need to get your carburetor up and running, you can find it at Mike's Carburetor Parts.

    U.S. Manufactured Carburetors

    We make all of our carburetor parts in the U.S. to original standards, so you can rely upon Mike's Carburetor Parts to work well for your needs. All our parts are ethanol ready.

    Carburetor Repair Information

    We are well known for our great service and extensive technical information. Browse our list of helpful how-to videos and our technical information library to get all of the tips you need to make our auto carburetor repair. Learn how to measure your carburetor, clean out your gas tank, and make repairs or replacements to your model carburetor. Use our comprehensive online tutorial library to learn how to make carburetor repairs.

    We have free carburetor manuals for many of the top brand of marine and automotive carburetors, troubleshooting tips, and questions and answers. We will do everything we can to help you buy your carburetor parts in confidence and make needed repairs or replacements.

    U.S. and International Shipping

    For all our carburetor parts, we offer fast and cheap shipping. Shipping is just $4.00 for first class mail and $7.50 for Priority Mail that gets carburetor parts to you in just two to three days. When your order over $100, your shipping is free!We also ship international on all carburetor parts! By shipping via First Class International we are able to get our products all around the globe in an average of 20 days.

    For expedited shipping UPS has great overnight and 2-day service as well as Worldwide Express options for international customers.

    Browse our inventory of carburetor parts to get started now or contact us with any questions.

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