There are two ways to buy a carburetor kit.
How to Buy a Carburetor Kit

One is by matching with your application. This is how most companies will sell you a kit, but guess who pays the shipping for returning the wrong kit? Not them! Carburetor kits have always been associated with carburetor numbers, not what vehicle they go on. To get even more complicated, your carburetor could be a replacement, or even a swap.

With a little bit of research, you can buy the correct kit for your carburetor the 1st time.

Matching your carburetor number with a carburetor kit is the preferred way to insure you are getting the correct kit. Match your carburetor number with the carburetor kit and you are golden. Where do you find the carburetor number? Visit our technical help,

or Carburetor Identification chart.

where we provide information by illustration and by video on where to find your carburetor number.
Once you have the carburetor number, simply enter it into our search box and the correct kit will be presented.

Without a valid carburetor number, we are not able to suggest which carburetor kit you will need. Calling us isn't going to help you. There isn't any way for use to identify a carburetor over the phone. All we can do is refer you to our technical section.

What do we do when we get a carburetor we can't identify a carburetor? We have to take the carburetor apart and compare the parts with the parts contained in our carburetor kit listing photos. You will want to concentrate on the float bowl gasket, flange gasket and the accelerator pump.

Be sure to visit our technical section where we provide a lot of tips on how to identify your carburetor and in some cases we have videos, which illustrate carburetor kit differences.

When no carburetor number is found, then the only way to match your carburetor with a kit is to compare your carburetor parts with the contents in the photos we have in our product listings. Start by using one of our catalogs, find your application, then go to the listed carburetor kit. There is always a good chance that the application and carburetor are a match. Compare what is in the product photo with your old parts. Be critical. Some carburetors can have several kits associated with them and the parts can look very similar.

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