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With a robust history stretching over 35 years in the automotive industry, Mike laid the foundation of Mike's Carburetor Parts in 2009. Ever since its inception, the business has remained within the family, evolving with contributions from two daughters, three granddaughters, and a grandson, ensuring a wealth of continuity and familial values.

At the core of our business philosophy lies an unyielding commitment to exceptional customer support. We diligently work towards offering exemplary services, facilitating both pre-sale and post-sale technical assistance through email. Additionally, we extend our support to assist customers in placing orders via phone, ensuring a seamless and supportive purchasing journey.

Our specialized focus encompasses a spectrum of unique, hard-to-find parts alongside mainstream products, catering to diverse requirements in the marine, automotive, and agriculture/industrial sectors. With a dedicated approach, we prioritize featuring US-manufactured parts in our collection, thereby proudly supporting numerous domestic manufacturing enterprises. This curated selection ensures our customers receive products that not only resonate with quality but also align with the contemporary standards and demands, such as compatibility with today’s ethanol fuels.

Join us in experiencing a customer-centric service that values and prioritizes your unique needs and satisfaction.

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15 NE Cascade AVE
Chehalis, WA 98532

What customers say about us:

Hi Mike  I want to thank you , not for this follow up but for the really nice way you treated me on the phone and through your actions. I got the second kit which was GREAT !I thank you for running it out to the post office.Put the carb together , ran it on land  & I put my boat in the water the next day on the night tide. I love that stuff lol.
I'm not sure who is reading this but the customer satisfaction part of my letter is hooked up to the way I was talked to and listened to.You don't know me yet you treated me like we lived next door (the good neighbor) By the way I'm a certified Evinrude,Johnson,OMC mechanic and trained in mercruiser in the the  90's I didn't mention that I have a few laps around the bay. I've been around and for the last few years of my life I've taken to removing my carb for the winter and giving it a clean out in the garage before I have a problem (which is usually the second day of boating) with the crap gas from last year,,Anyway this is my second year of business with Mikes Carbs and I have put you in my list of good guys , it's a short list 
Thanks so much.  Mark F.

I want to say thank you
awesome web site and u-tube video got me started
suprised with the lightning fast service.  I never see that anymore.
I have been spreading the word to my friends that you are the site to visit.
Hopes this fixes my idle problem.
Just an FYI,  I was so happy with your u-tube and web site and I purchased the kit without shopping for price.  I felt you deserve the business for the honest effort helping others.
keep up the good work.

Dear Mike
 I just want to thank you on the record for your absolutely outstanding service….that was best illustrated by the fact that order number AB15149 did not arrive with the correct part (it was a marine float that arrived and not the standard float) for my Father’s Rochester Quadrajet.  But its when things don’t go to plan that real service is demonstrated…..so what happened next was literally amazing….and testament to your unbelievable service…..
This is what happened…..I made a call to you on Wednesday 31st July at around 5.00pm UK time…..you put together the order with the right Quadrajet float and then Fedex’d the parcel to me in Manchester England.  It arrived 09.00am Friday 2nd August.    The part is now on the car which is running absolutely perfectly.  My father (who’s car it is) is just so delighted and has been using the car all weekend…..he is currently the happiest fellow in the U.K. !!!
So thank you Mike and your team for expediting the order.  We have never met but if I am ever within a 100 miles of Mike’s Carburetor Parts then I will come in buy you a big drink.

I wanted to thank you for your youtube video on rebuilding a Holley 1904 carb. I was rebuilding one this last weekend and it was an amazing resource. Unfortunately, I did not know of your business when I bought my kit. The next kit I buy will be from you. My car is running better than it ever has thanks to you.

Hi, Mike!
Just wanted to thank you for sending me the parts for my carburetor.  The kit worked perfectly and the rebuild went very well.  Started right up and was running great.  Thanks again for your excellent customer service.  I really appreciate it.

Hello Mike,
just wanted to shoot this e.mail back at you and say thank you for the prompt service getting my carb kit here sir. Was my first online order and you folks made it very easy for a guy who does not trust the net. Thanks again and have a great new year.

just wanted to reply. thanks for your help. youre the only guy i found on the net that would talk to his costumers. the afb rebuild was a total success. so glad to bring something out of thr 50's back to life. it went on a '36 international truck. used to have a problem getting gas...    now got a problem getting traction. 
thanks again

Hey Mike
Dan here, the diaphragm worked perfectly on the 74 Bronco. Now I just have to fix everything else.
Thanks again for all your help and advice. Could not have done it with out you.

Hey mike. Got it back. Fantastic job. Looks like you did more than I expected... sure I don't owe you more? -nick

Recieved the carb last Friday - installed it on Saturday - runs great!! I appreciate your work and am very happy . Quick question - the starter/ignition switch on the carburator which is operated fron the accelerator pedal - do you have a source for them ? Sometimes I have to jump the terminals to start the car Thanks again, Peter 

 Prrrrs like a kitten. Jay 

Hello Mike, I received the Holley marine carb. I put it on my Boat engine and it works great ! Thanks for the speedy work. Thanks Richard 

Hey mike. The carb worked great! U have a repeat client. Thx and we will b in touch. 

Hey Mike, I just wantwd to say thanks with your parts and help I got my dads old truck runnin Evan

Mike: It is nice to deal with honorable people. You can quote me on that. I will wait until tomorrow to pull the carburetor as it is about 93 out right now. My garage is like an oven. Thanks again for your good service. John  

Mike, Just got the carb. If it works as good as it looks, it will be great! Thanks again. Gary

Hi Mike, Got the carb yesterday and got it installed this morning and just took the car out for a brief spin. Ran great. Idles smooth and correct. So, all is well in the world again. Engine runs smoother than I can remember it running. Thanks for your help. Sorry for the rework. Gerald 

Wow! Ran fine immediately. Turned up the idle just a skosh and it just purrs. Can't tell you how great it feels. Will go for a drive this evening after the temperature drops a bit. It's 94 right now and will be just shy of 100 this afternoon. So glad you built the adapter for your 350. This is just like getting a heart transplant for the old girl. Thanks again. When I get my little show placard (acknowledging your contribution) put together, I'll send you a photo. Hip is healing nicely, so I can get back to work on the car. Thanks a million. John

Got it, Carburetor looks great and the engine runs like a champ. Nick

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