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Ethanol Defense  ED16
Carburetor Ethanol Defense Fuel Treament ED16

Ethanol Defense ED16

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Ethanol Defense
Part Number: ED16
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Ethanol Defense combines proven combustion improvement, detergency and alcohol-free ethanol protection with the best professional-strength water-absorbing power for the ultimate in performance enhancement and protection from the effects of ethanol. 
Cars that sit for months at a time will damage the carburetor. Ethanol absorbs water and left sitting, the water settles to the bottom of the float bowl and accelerator pump well. This will corrode the bottom of the float bowl and the pump well. Damage to rubber parts can also occur. 

 16oz bottle treats up to 160 gallons. 

 Benefits of Using Ethanol Defense
  • Provides commercial-grade water control to fight water absorption by ethanol.
  • Protects against ethanol damage - protects rubber and plastic parts.
  • Removes carbon deposits, gum and varnishes, especially those deposited by ethanol solvency.
  • Lubricates upper cylinder areas.
  • Works for carburetor systems as well as injector systems.
  • Works on all small gasoline engines.
ETHANOL DEFENSE is the best multi-function defense against ethanol problems on the market today, with commercial-grade strength to address all fuel-related problems in gasoline engines, including those caused by ethanol.
Ethanol Defense

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