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International Car Collecting

Classic cars are very popular in the United States, but the US isn't the only country where these cars are big business, and where people love to collect them. Throughout Cuba, parts of Europe, and many other areas of the world, people collect classic cars from their own countries and from the United States, as well. One of the biggest export locations for classic cars from the US was Cuba, until an embargo over 50 years ago made it illegal for anyone in the country to import cars from America. Now that is about to be lifted, and more cars will come into the country. For countries without as many restrictions on US vehicles, collectors continue to enjoy their options and bring in more American cars.
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Studebaker Lark

Studebaker Hawk
The Lark was introduced in 1959 as a Compact Car, following in the footsteps of the first in this American car class, the 1950 Nash Rambler. According to the Encyclopedia of American Automobiles, the Lark was the model that was supposed to save Studebaker, and was tooled and into production in a remarkably short ten months time. By 1958 Lark-based models dominated the company's production, with only a minor representation by the sportier Hawk and limited production Avanti.
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Mercarb Accelerator Pump

The accelerator pump isn't returning to idle position. What could be wrong?
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Holley 1920 Diaphragm Relief Hole

My 1920, 1 barrel is leaking out of a small hole.
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Marvel Schebler - Removing Stuck Jet

Removing frozen jets from a Marvel Schebler carburetor.
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