Exploring the Fuel Injectors in a V6 Engine

It’s been more than a century since V configuration engines have been in business, especially the very popular V8 and V6 engines. Unlike flat or inline geometry, the cylinders in a V6 engine are in a V configuration against each other and have a similar belt mechanism.

Fuel injectors in a V6 engine are integrated with the intake manifold to allow optimal air/fuel mixture to form, and proper combustion. The engine technology keeps evolving and the direct fuel injection system is one department that is given its due share, like Audi’s TFSI and TDI technology.

Let’s understand how the fuel injectors work on a V6 engine, how many injectors are in a V6 engine, and which is the best V6 engine fuel injection technology.

How Many Fuel Injectors are in a V6 Engine?

Based on the industry standards, every engine has one fuel injector per cylinder and works in conjugation with the intake manifold and spark plugs. In some instances, there are two fuel injectors per cylinder, especially in performance cars.

Every V6 engine features a total of 6 fuel injectors, no matter which manufacturer’s engine is it.

How Does the Fuel Injection System Work in a V6 Engine?

Like other internal combustion engines, the fuel injectors in a V6 engine receive fuel from the pump, located underneath the engine. It then mixes the fuel with the air coming through the intake manifold and directs the mixture into the engine.

The fuel injectors are a part of the relay that is driven by the camshaft, and work according to the opening and closing of intake and exhaust valves. The fuel-air mixture has to be directed into the combustion chamber when the intake valves are open, otherwise, it would cause a misfire and leakage of fuel.


Which V6 Engine has the Most Advanced Fuel Injection System?

The all-new Maserati MC20 has the most advanced fuel injection system in the performance car industry. It used twin injection, pre-chamber combustion technology, and twin spark plugs per cylinder.

The air-fuel mixture is slightly burned before entering the combustion chamber and the main phase occurs inside during the power stroke. This improves fuel economy, performance, and throttle response, and reduces unburnt hydrocarbons and fuel remnants inside the engine or exhaust system.

Firing Order of the Maserati MC20 Twin Turbo V6 Engine: 1-6-3-4-2-5

Fuel injectors in the MC20 Nettuno engine correspond to this order and provide pre-chamber combustion accordingly.


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