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Universal 1 Barrel Carburetor

Posted by Mike on 3/29/2018 to Rochester B
Universal 1 Barrel CarburetorWe now have a new and improved 1 barrel carburetor. We did have this one as a direct replacement for the Rochester B, but what makes this unique from our previous model is the addition of an adjustable jet and a 360 degree throttle hookup. 

Our fully UNIVERSAL carburetors are especially made to allow a wider variety of external adjustments. They have fully adjustable throttle arms, and externally adjustable high speed main jets. This allows the throttle arm to be indexed to any point you may need the arm to move. The externally adjustable main jet allows you to fine tune the high speed rich/lean mixture to the exact demands of your current engine.

This universal carburetor is patterned after the Zenith 228 and will replace either of those carburetors easily.The N228 carburetor is manufactured in South America and has been for 60+ years so they are well tested.

What can be replaced by this carburetor?
Rochester B 1 barrel, Zenith 28 & 228 1 barrel, Carter WE, W-1 & BB 1 barrel carburetors. We will discover others as time goes on. 

Aside from the Rochester B, replacing some carburetors may require some minor changes such as re-routing the fuel line. This carburetor comes with a center top fuel inlet with a barbed end fitting, so any carburetor that used a front fed fuel line should adapt easily.Some of the 1950's vintage Chevrolet trucks had the original carburetor replaced with a Zenith 228, so this was a natural selection to replace the Rochester B 1 barrel carburetor.

Why replace the Rochester B? 
While the Rochester B was an excellent carburetor in it's day, they are getting very old and most have warped float bowls causing erratic operation and gas leakage around the float bowl gasket.

Due to the adjustable jet, this universal carburetor is a great candidate for dual, or even tripple carburetor installations.
The mounting flange has an elongated hole, which will fit both 2 1/2" & 3", or more accurately 2 15/16" OC bolt patterns. The mounting gasket included is made to also fit both sizes.
An example of the 2 1/2" mounting is the Chevrolet 216, 6 cyl engine. The 235 6 cyl used a 3" bolt pattern.

An inline fuel filter is included and is a must use unless you already have a fuel filter installed. Almost every warranty problem we have with these is due to dirt in the carburetor, which comes from a dirty gas tank, or no fuel filter.
Don't worry about the ethanol as this carburetor is ethanol ready.
This carburetor is a manual choke operation only.

Air Cleaner

May not fit the stock air filter, so you will need to take notice of what air cleaner you have. It isn't possible to make a carburetor that will fit every air cleaner.
We do have an air cleaner that will fit this carburetor.
Carburetor Air Cleaner
See this carburetor in a video:
For more Information please read the instruction booklet

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