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Rochester 2GC Mercury Marine Carburetor Kit - MCM / MIE 198, 200, 898 - K6002
Rochester 2GC Mercury Marine Carburetor Kit - MCM / MIE 198, 200, 898 - K6002

Rochester 2GC Mercury Marine Carburetor Kit - MCM / MIE 198, 200, 898 - K6002

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MERCURY MARINE, 3/4" x 2.38"
Part Number: K6002
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Introducing the Mercury Marine Rochester 2GC Rebuild Kit: Your Ultimate Solution for a High-Performance Boating Experience

FREE Electronic Repair Manual Included. Watch your email after ordering.

Get ready to revitalize your boat's engine with our exceptional Mercury Marine Rochester 2GC rebuild kit. Designed specifically for 2 Jet, 2 barrel carburetors, this premium quality kit will elevate your boating performance to new heights. Experience enhanced power, reliability, and fuel efficiency with every nautical mile you conquer.

Transform Your Carburetor Performance

Our rebuild kit offers a comprehensive solution to breathe new life into your carburetor. With meticulously crafted components made from durable materials, your engine will benefit from improved fuel delivery and combustion. Enjoy smoother throttle response and an optimized air-fuel mixture that translates to a more satisfying and efficient boating experience.

Ease of Installation for DIY Enthusiasts

Worried about the installation process? Don't be! Our user-friendly kit is designed for boaters of all skill levels. The step-by-step instructions included in the package will guide you through the rebuilding process, ensuring that you can confidently refurbish your carburetor in no time.

Cost-Effective Solution for Long-Term Performance

Investing in our Mercury Marine Rochester 2GC rebuild kit is a smart choice that pays off in the long run. By enhancing your carburetor's performance, you'll be increasing the overall lifespan of your engine. Say goodbye to costly repairs and replacements – this is your ticket to sustainable boating without breaking the bank.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for Discerning Boaters

We stand by the superior quality of our rebuild kit and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Our customer support team is always ready to address any concerns or questions you may have. Trust in our proven expertise, and let our kit deliver the exceptional results you seek.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your boating experience. Order your Mercury Marine Rochester 2GC, 2 Jet, 2 barrel carburetor rebuild kit now and transform your engine into a high-performance powerhouse!


Mercury Marine 2 Jet Carburetor Kit
Accelerator Pump - ethanol ready
Viton Tip Needle & Seat
Float Bowl Gasket
Throttle Body Gasket
Main Discharge Check Ball, Spring & T
Small Parts & Clips
Mounting Gasket
Thermostat Gasket
Venturi Gasket

Rochester 2GC carburetor kit. Mercury marine marine MCM / MIE 198, 200, 898 w/305? 5.0L, 350? 5.7L.

Carburetor numbers: 1376-6491A1, 1376-8295A3, 17057139, 17080350

We suggest you also replace the float when you have the Nitrophyl (black plastic type) type of float.

Rebuild kit, made in the USA from high quality ethanol ready parts. Everything shown in the photo is included in the kit, additional parts may be purchased by choosing your carburetor type in our main catalog. For additional help including rebuild videos, free manuals, and troubleshooting, please see our technical section.

For additional information see related tabs above.

To confirm this kit matches your carburetor number refer to the application/carb tab. To make sure you get the correct carburetor kit, please match your carburetor number with the list provided. This kit is good for the carburetor numbers listed only. No return on opened kits.

1376-6491A1, 1376-8295A3, 17057139, 17080350,

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