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Holley 4150G 4150EG Carburetor Rebuild Kit K4346
Holley 4150G 4150EG Carburetor Kit - K4346

Holley 4150G 4150EG Carburetor Rebuild Kit K4346

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Part Number: K4346
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Revive Your Engine's Performance with a Carburetor Rebuild Kit

  • Your engine's performance is only as good as its carburetor, and over time, wear and tear can cause it to break down. But before you consider replacing your carburetor altogether, try using the Holley 4150G 4150EG Carburetor Rebuild Kit. With this kit, you can easily restore your carburetor's functionality and get your engine running like new.
  • The kit includes everything you need to rebuild your carburetor, including gaskets, o-rings, and a needle and seat assembly. With high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, you can trust that this kit will provide long-lasting results.
  • Don't let a faulty carburetor hold your engine back. Invest in the Holley 4150G 4150EG Carburetor Rebuild Kit today and experience the difference in your engine's performance.

Get More Mileage Out of Your Investment with a Holley Carburetor Rebuild Kit

  • A carburetor is a significant investment, and when it breaks down, it can be tempting to replace it entirely. However, that's not always necessary. With the Holley 4150G 4150EG Carburetor Rebuild Kit, you can get more mileage out of your investment by simply repairing it.
  • This kit is an affordable and effective solution to a broken carburetor. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a brand new carburetor, invest in the Holley 4150G 4150EG Carburetor Rebuild Kit and extend the life of your current carburetor.
  • With its straightforward installation and superior performance, this rebuild kit is a smart choice for any engine owner looking to save money and get the most out of their investment.

Holley 4150G & 4150EG, 4 barrel governor type carburetor rebuild kit.

  • Made in the USA
  • Meets or Exceeds Manufactures Specifications
  • Instructions
  • Flange Gasket Included
  • Our Great Service
  • 30cc accelerator pump
  • International
    1980-75 404" 6.6L, 446" 7.3L, H-4 4150G, 537" 8.8L 4150EG
    1979-78 404" 6.6L, 446" 7.3L H-4 4150EG
    1979-75 392" 6.4L H-4 4150G, 4150EG

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