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Holley 1920 Carburetor Rebuild Kit International - K338
Holley 1920 Carburetor Rebuild Kit International - K338

Holley 1920 Carburetor Rebuild Kit International - K338

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IHC 1969-78
Part Number: K338
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Holley 1 barrel, 1920 carburetor rebuild kit.

  • Includes: Comprehensive kit including all essential 1920 parts as illustrated, ensuring a complete and thorough rebuild
  • Components:
    • Mounting Gasket: Ensures a secure and leak-proof assembly, aiding in the precise fitting of the carburetor components
    • Economizer Valve: Crucial for optimizing fuel consumption and overall efficiency of the carburetor
    • Viton Needle & Seat: Robust and reliable, helping maintain the proper fuel flow and pressure in the carburetor
    • Gaskets: Additional gaskets included, facilitating a tight seal and preventing unwanted leaks during operation
    • Accelerator Pump Diaphragm: Essential for regulating the flow of fuel, ensuring responsive and smooth acceleration
  • Digital Resources:
    • Electronic Instruction Sheet: Provides a detailed and clear guide, assisting in the step-by-step rebuilding process
    • Electronic Manual: An extensive manual offering thorough insights and instructions, enabling a successful rebuilding experience
  • Function: This kit is thoughtfully curated to equip users with all necessary components for a meticulous rebuild of the Holley 1 Barrel, 1920 carburetor
  • Benefit: Using this all-inclusive rebuild kit assures enhanced performance and longevity of the carburetor, contributing to the overall efficiency of the engine
  • Recommendation: Highly recommended for individuals aiming for a meticulous and successful rebuild of their Holley 1 Barrel, 1920 carburetor, using top-quality components and detailed instructional guidance.

  • All parts shown in picture included.
  • 1920 Carbuetor Manual
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