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Hitachi Throttle Shaft Seal 1100F
Throttle Shaft Seal 1100F

Hitachi Throttle Shaft Seal 1100F

Your Price: $3.95
ID: .42" OD: .63". New, currently manufactured in the US
Part Number: 1100F
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Hitachi 2 barrel carburetor throttle shaft seal.

  • New, currently manufactured in the US
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ID = .42"
OD = .63"

Isuzu (4 cyl) 2.0L, 2.3L: 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991
Nissan (4 cyl) 2.4L P/U (Exc Calif): 1983, 1984, 1985

DCR384, DFP384

DCR384-1, DCR384-1A, DCR384-2, DCR384-2A, DCR384-3, DCR384-4, DCR384-5, DCR384-6, DCR384-7, DCR384-8, DCR384-11, DCR384-11A, DCR384-15, DCR384-16, DCR384-21, DCR384-21A, DCR384-25, DCR384-26, DFP340-5, DFP340-6, DFP340-7, DFP340-8, DFP340-13, DFP340-22, DFP384-1, DFP384-2, DFP384-3, DFP384-4, DFP384-5, DFP384-6, DFP384-7, DFP384-8, DFP384-11, DFP384-12, DFP384-13, DFP384-21, DFP384-22, DFP384-23, DFP384-201, 8-94136-761-0, 8-94136-762-0, 8-94136-763-0, 8-94136-764-0, 8-94318-372-0, 8-94428-127-0, 8-94428-128-0, 8-94430-084-0, 8-94455-754-0, 8-99365-779-0, 8-99365-945-0, 16010-10W00, 16010-10W01, 16010-10W10, 16010-10W11, 16010-10W20, 16010-10W21, 16010-10W60, 16010-10W61, 16010-65W02, 16010-65W12, 16010-80W00, 16010-80W10, 16010-80W20, 16010-83W00, 16010-83W10, 16010-83W20, 16010-84W00, 16010-84W10, 16010-84W20, 16010-84W60, 16010-20W00, 16010-20W01, 16010-20W06, 16010-20W10, 16010-20W11, 16010-20W16, 16010-20W20, 16010-20W21, 16010-20W25, 16010-20W26, 16010-20W60, 16010-20W61, 16010-20W66

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