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Zenith 28/228 Identification
Zenith 228

Zenith put a round aluminum tag on most carburetors located on the top of the carburetor. The number is stamped on the round tag
Zenith 28 Identification
Zenith 28 228 Series Identification, Parts List, Exploded View
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I have a 59 GMC pickup that has a 270ci with a Zenith 28/228 (228BV11) carb on it. I seem to have air screw holes on both the carb and the throttle body. The throttle body had a screw in it when I got it, and the hole on the carb was wide open. I watched your videos on youtube and you mention that a 28 should have the screw on the carb and the 228 should have it on the throttle body. What do I need to do to correct this?

Assuming someone hasn't put a 28 top on a 228 bottom, you simply plug the top hole. Use a carburetor clean out plug and if you don't have one of those, use a small amount of JB Weld.
Watch a video about the Zenith 228 teardown

Zenith Main Jet
On models that use an adjustment on the bottom of the float bowl to adjust the jet size will not have a main jet.
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