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Rochester B, BC, BV 1 BBL Carburetor Kits

Below are the carburetor kits for the Rochester B, BC & BV, 1 barrel carburetor. Designed for today's fuel.

The Rochester 1 barrel used a small metal tag attached to one of the float bowl screws for identification. When the tag is missing, check the bottom of the mounting pad. If you find 4 numbers add 700 to the front of the 4 numbers and that will give you the carburetor number. Which kit do I need- I don't have a carburetor number?

Carburetor kits contain gaskets, needle & seat, accelerator pump (some are pump cup replacements) and other various parts. The K1144 is for the earlier carburetors that use the flat stem accelerator pump. This is a leather pump cup, which was standard. The other kits are for the later model Rochester B carburetor and they usually contain a replacement rubber cup. These were used on round stemmed accelerator pumps that uses replaceable cups.

We have extensive information about the Rochester B, BC carburetor, including how to determine which kit you need.
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Rochester B BC BV Carburetor Repair Kit
CHECKER MOTORS 1964-66, CHEVROLET 1963-67, CHEV/GMC TRUCK 1963-67, OLDSMOBILE 1966-67, PONTIAC 1961-68, STUDEBAKER 1965-66
Part # K1141
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Rochester B BC Carburetor Repair Kit
CHEVROLET 1932-56, CHEV/GMC TRUCK 1932-62, PONTIAC 1955-56
Part # K1144
Average Rating(89)
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Rochester B, BC Carburetor Kit
Part # K6116
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Rochester B, BC, BV Carburetor Kit
Part # K406
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Rochester B, 1 Barrel Universal Carburetor Kit
Rochester B Universal Carb Kit
Part # K7037
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Rochester B Premium Add-On
Part # PK109
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