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International Harvester I.H.C. Carburetor Rebuild Kit K4314
International Harvester I.H.C. Carburetor Rebuild Kit

International Harvester I.H.C. Carburetor Rebuild Kit K4314

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Part Number: K4314
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 Experience Unmatched Quality with the International Harvester Carburetor Repair Kit

Unparalleled USA Quality: Revolutionize your repair experience with our top-of-the-line International Harvester Carburetor Repair Kit. Manifesting exceptional craftsmanship, each component is meticulously fabricated in the USA, utilizing high-quality materials to ensure unparalleled durability and performance.

Complete, Superior Fit: Our kit stands unmatched in completeness and precision fitting. Carefully curated to include all essential parts, it ensures a comprehensive repair, providing a more efficient and seamless restoration of your carburetor’s functionality.

Built to OE Standards: Maintaining fidelity to Original Equipment (OE) standards, our repair kit is designed to deliver exceptional reliability and performance, ensuring that your carburetor operates with the precision and efficiency akin to its original condition.

Enhanced Components:

  • Viton Tip Needle & Seat/Float Valve: Experience improved fuel flow and regulation with the Viton Tip Needle & Seat/Float Valve, meticulously designed for optimal performance and longevity.

  • Idle Mixture Screw: Fine-tune your carburetor’s idle mixture with precision, enhancing overall engine efficiency and performance.

  • Float Pin: Securely position the float with the durable and precisely crafted float pin, ensuring consistent and accurate fuel regulation.

Key Features:

  • Expertly crafted components made in the USA for superior quality and reliability
  • Comprehensive kit ensuring a better fit and more complete repair
  • Components designed and built to meet or exceed OE standards
  • Enhanced with a Viton Tip Needle & Seat/Float Valve, Idle Mixture Screw, and Float Pin

Invest in the pinnacle of carburetor repair technology with our International Harvester Carburetor Repair Kit. Experience a transformative enhancement of your carburetor’s performance and reliability, ensuring that your vehicle operates at peak efficiency. Opt for the best, and make your repair process a triumph of quality and performance! ??

  • Items in the picture are included in this kit.
  • InternationL Harvester Rebuild Kit
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