A dashpot is used on vehicles with an automatic transmission, or power brakes.

The dashpot is an anti-stall device, used to temporarily hold the throttle valve open upon deceleration and long enough to burn the fuel still in the manifold.

Holley 4000

While the OE dashpot is no longer in production we do have universal dashpots that can used on the 4000. Cut the stem to fit.

Holley 4000 Dashpot

Adjusting the Dashpot

Block the wheels so there is case the transmission kicks into gear.
Warm up the engine and place the transmission in neutral.
Turn the dashpot adjusting screw until it no longer touches the stem. It is important that the dashpot does not interfere with the idle speed.
Set the idle speed.
Set the dashpot to dashpot adjusting screw clearance with the stem pushed all the way in. Use the specification from your motors manual, or by default use .05".

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