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Holley 2300 Marine Float FL33

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Holley 2300 Marine
Part Number: FL33
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New, currently manufactured.
These have been discontinued, once they are gone, they're gone.

2300 carbs use three very similar floats, match your carburetor number, or send a picture of your existing float with hinge clearly visible and we can match it for you. 

R-6150A, R-6317A, R-6317-1A, D1FF-9510-LA, D1JJ-9510-

B, D3JL-9510-S 

R-4473A, R-4473AAS, R-4608A, 4608AAS, R-6407A, (C9FF-9510-D,

C9FF-9510-E, D2JL-9510-C) 

R-6151A, R-6151AAA, R-6125A, 6152AAA, R-6576A, R-9392A, (D1FF-

9510-MA, D1FF-9510-NA, D2JL- 9510-E, E0JL-9510-CA) 

R-7159A, R-7163A (D4JL-9510-F, D4JL-9510-G) 

R-7128A, R-50464A, R-50470A, 80318A (D4JL-9510-J, E8JL-9510-

DA, E9JL-9510-DA) 


R-4473A, R-4473AAS, R-4608A, 4608AAS 

R-6151A, R-6151AAA, R-6152A, 6152AAA 

R-6151A, R-6151AAA, R-6152A, 6152AAA (D1FF-9510-MA, D1FF-


R-6317A, R-6317-1A, R-7036A (1356-4642, D1JJ-9510-B, D3JL-


R-4473A, R-4607A, R-4608A, 4608AAS (1356-4066, 5155, C9FF-

9510-D, C9FF-9510-E, D2JL-9510-C) 

R-6576A (1356-5169, D2JL-9510-E)

R-50464A (E8JL-9510-DA)


R-50464A, R-50470A 

R-4473A, R-4473AAS, R-4608A, 4608AAS, R-6151A, R-6151AAA

(C9FF-9510-D, C9FF-9510-E, D1FF- 9510-MA, D1FF-9510-NA) 

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