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Holley 1904 Carburetor Kits

We carry the finest made carburetor kits for the Holley 1904. There are multiple kits for the 1904 and each kit depends on the carburetor LIST number. Where to find this number is pictured in the illustration below. In general, the difference in the kits is the accelerator pump diaphragm. The cutouts and the length of the metal stem attached to the diaphragm should match what is in the kit. For that reason we illustrate the size of the diaphragm in each carburetor kit listing.

Your carburetor number is found where the pointer is pointing.

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Holley 1904 1 Barrel Carburetor Rebuild Kit
AMERICAN MOTORS 1959-60, EDSEL 1959-60, FORD/MERCURY 1952-67, FORD TRUCK 1952-67
Part # K4043
Average Rating(22)
In Stock
Holley 1904 Carburetor Kit 1 Barrel IHC
IHC TRUCK 1950-53 / 1960-68
Part # K4129
Average Rating(27)
In Stock
Holley 1904, 1960 Carburetor Rebuild Kit
CHEV/GMC TRUCK 1960-65, FORD 1952-57, FORD TRUCK 1952-57, IHC TRUCK 1960-68, MERCURY 1952-57
Part # K421
Average Rating(18)
In Stock
Holley 1904 Carburetor Rebuild Kit
Special 1904 kit
Part # K6150
Average Rating(3)
In Stock
Holley 1904 Industrial Carburetor Kit
Industrial Applications
Part # K353
In Stock
Holley 1904 1908 Carburetor Kit - 19691-62 AMC
1961-62 AMC
Part # K378
Average Rating(1)
Out of Stock
CHV Universal Carburetor Kit
Part # K612
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
Holley 1 Barrel, 1904 Carburetor Kit
Part # K393
In Stock
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Rochester 2G 2GC Mercarb Carburetor Brass Float
Average Rating(67)
Rochester Main Jet
Average Rating(31)
Mercarb Carburetor Kit
Average Rating(113)