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Carter YH

1959 Gray Marine - Fireball 8, models 135 & 170

Carburetor number 2939S. 2618S along with a .082 jet was used as a replacement so you might see either carburetor.

Idle vacuum - 18 inches.
Flange - 1 3/4", 3 bolt pattern.
Vented using an inside balance tube to air horn ahead of the choke valve.
Idle adjustment - 1/4 - 1 3/4 turns open. For richer mixture, turn screw out. Idle speed should be above 500 rpm in neutral.
Intake ball check in diaphragm housing - .115- .120" diameter.
Choke - set on index.
Main jet - .082"

Float Level
With gasket removed, bowl cover inverted and float resting on pin in seated needle, the distance from the bowl cover to the top of float should be 9/16". Do not depress float lip against spring loaded pin in needle, but let float rest on its own weight. Adjust by bending float lever.

Float Drop
With bowl cover assembly held in upright position, the distance between bottom of float (at free end) and bowl cover should be 2 1/8". Adjust by bending stop tab on float arm.

YH Exploded
1-1027SBody flange assembly63-178Diaphragm spring retainer
1A-78Fange gasket75-1338Metering rod standard .050" x .039"
2-134Throttle valve100-16Throttle lever adjusting screw
3-749SThrottle shaft and lever assembly101-28Throttle shaft arm attaching screw
7-107Choke valve101-136Coil housing attaching screw
11B-69Rivet plug101-149SBody flange attaching screw and washer assembly
11B-79Rivet plug101-160SBowl cover attaching screw and washer assembly
11B-220Rivet plug101-282SDiaphragm housing attaching screw and washer assembly
11B-223Rivet plug101-284Piston housing attaching screw
11B-271Idle port rivet plug111-59SMetering rod arm assembly
14-433SChoke piston lever, link and shaft assembly114-84SThrottle shaft arm assembly
15-35SStrainer nut assembly115-165Choke connector rod
17-51Pump check needle116-13Pump intake check ball
20-22Needle seat gasket117-146Pump lifter link
20-35Bowl strainer gasket117-148Fast idle link
20-43Piston housing gasket117-154Throttle shaft arm connector link
21-128SFloat and lever assembly120-158Metering rod jet .082"
24-27Float lever pin121-185Coil housing gasket
25-273SNeedle pin, spring and seat assembly121-209Body flange gasket
30-14Bowl strainer gauze121-278Body gasket
30A-44Idle adjustment screw146-241SBowl cover and strainer assembly
39-10Choke valve attaching screw150-170Choke piston pin
39-11Throttle valve attaching screw150A-10Pin spring
47-14Welsh plug160-123Choke piston
61-242Metering rod spring170-253SPiston housing and plug assembly
61-291Throttle lever adjusting screw spring170-274SPump discharge housing assembly
61-389Pump discharge spring170AK-250SThermostatic coil and housing assembly
61-390Upper pump spring172-24Choke connector rod retainer
61-426Idle adjustment screw spring186-24Coil housing baffle plate
63-58Coil housing retainer186-54Fuel bowl baffle plate
63-104Throttle shaft retaining ring203-53SPump discharge assembly
63-135Upper pump spring retainer
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