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1969 Chrysler Corp. Holley Triple Carburetors
The Holley triple carburetors are tandem mounted on an aluminum intake manifold. There is one center carburetor that is different from the two end carburetors. The front and rear carburetors are 2300C Holleys, while the center is a 2300. The center carburetor includes the choke system and includes a vacuum operated vacuum kick to provide initial choke opening when the engine starts up. The front and rear carburetors use a vacuum diaphram unit which is used to open the throttle valves depending on the vacuum. The two end carbuetors match the center carburetor with these exceptions. No idle, vacuum power enrichment, accelerating pump, or choke systems. These systems are just not needed, since the end carburetors are used simply for power up.

1969 Chrysler Corp. Holley Triple Carburetor Manual

All three carburetors use the same carburetor kit and one kit rebuilds one carburetor. Buy this Holley carburetor kit here.

Holley 2300Holley 2300
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