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WCFB 4 Barrel

The WCFB was manufactured by the Carter Carburetor Company starting in 1952 and was used on the Buick Roadmaster and the M-70 models straight 8 engine, carburetor number 894S. Buick used the WCFB until 1956 when it was replaced by the Rochester 4GC and the Carter AFB.

Cadillac also used the WCFB on some of their vehicles from 1952 to 1957.

Chevrolet used the Carter WCFB starting in 1955 and used them on some model clear up to 1965. The Chevrolet WCFB has a bigger footprint than the earlier WCFBs and are highly sought after by the classic car enthusiast. Some of these carburetor numbers are: 2022s and 2004s. The WCFB was used on the Corvettes between 1955 and 1965.

Chrysler used the WCFB in 1955 to 1958 when they switch to the Carter AFB, 4 barrel.

Desoto used the Carter WCFB from 1955 to 1957. 1956-57 the WCFB was used on the Desoto dual four barrel carburetor setup.

Diamond T truck used the WCFB on some vehicles from 1955 to 1962, carburetor number 2022s.

Dodge used the WCFB from 1954 to 1958.
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Carter Metering Jets 120-27
Carter AFB carburetor metering jet. Select your correct size.
Part # 120-27
Average Rating(18)
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Carter AFB & WCFB Carburetor Secondary Diaphragm
Part # GD380
Average Rating(2)
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Carter Carburetor Needle and Seat
.110 orifice
Part # NS512
Average Rating(4)
In Stock
Carter Carburetor Check Ball Retainer
Part # 67-103
Average Rating(3)
In Stock
Aluminum Plug Assortment
Part # A100
Average Rating(20)
In Stock
Check Ball & Check Weight Assortment
Part # A101
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
Carburetor Rubber Cap Assortment
Part # A103
Average Rating(6)
In Stock
Cleanout Plug
Part # UP1788
Average Rating(2)
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Carter Main Jet Custom Assortment
8 pairs, 16 pieces
Part # 120-27A
Average Rating(1)
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Float Pin
OD = .081" Length = .380"
Part # 32-27
In Stock
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Rochester 2 Barrel Carburetor Brass Float
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Carter AFB Edelbrock Brass Float FL94
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Mercarb Carburetor Kit40
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