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WCD 2 Barrel

When identifying your carburetor please note:
  • Carter carburetors use a 3-4 digit number with an 's', 'sa', 'sd', etc to identify the carb (xxxS, xxxxS). This number can be found on the tag underneath one of the float bowl screws.
  • Numbers that are part of the casting (raised) will not identify the carburetor.
  • Numbers in the form of 0-, 1-, 3-, 6-, etc are casting numbers for the specific part they are on and will not identify the carb as a whole.
The WCD technical catalog can be located here.
Kit instructions are now available electronically, they are listed by kit number and can be found here.
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Carter Metering Jets 120-27
Carter AFB carburetor metering jet. Select your correct size.
Part # 120-27
Average Rating(18)
In Stock
Carter Carburetor Needle and Seat
.110 orifice
Part # NS512
Average Rating(4)
In Stock
Carter W-1 Carburetor Float Pin
.093" x 1.00"
Part # 32-19
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
Carter WCD Throttle Link
Part # R27
In Stock
Carter WCD Brass Float - All 2 Pontoon Floats
Part # FL1023
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
Pump Lifter Link
Part # 50-21B
In Stock
Carter Main Jet Custom Assortment
8 pairs, 16 pieces
Part # 120-27A
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
Throttle Plate Screw 3-48 X 1/4
3-48 x 1/4" SET OF 10
Part # 80-2
In Stock
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Rochester 2 Barrel Carburetor Brass Float
Average Rating(101)
Carter AFB Edelbrock Brass Float FL94
Average Rating(38)
Mercarb Carburetor Kit40
Average Rating(166)