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Float Circuit Illustration
Rochester Quadrajet Float Circuit
The pull clip is used to help pull the needle out of the seat thus preventing sticking. Hang the clip anywhere on the float so that the needle pulls straight up and doesn't get pulled to one side.

On non marine the fuel inlet filter will be either 1", or 2" long. It's easy to determine which one by looking at the inlet fitting. The open end of the filter should be toward the fuel line. The spring is inserted into the inlet 1st. The filter should have a check valve built in to prevent fuel from flowing back to the fuel pump. 

Replace the fuel filter at minimum once each year.

Be careful not to put any pressure on the needle when adjusting the float. The viton tip is easily damaged.

Test your needle & seat to make sure it is sealing.

The seat may or may not have windows in the side to allow gas to flow sideways. Both work just fine and it depends on the manufactures preference.
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