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The Motorcraft 2150, 2 barrel carburetor has 2 main bodies. The float bowl top and the main body (which includes the float bowl).

I have a tech question, if you can help. I have a Motorcraft 2150 carb and noticed that one of the idle mixture screws is longer than the other. Is this correct or should they both be the same? In fact, I order two from you and one seems to go in further than the other. Is this correct? Thanks for your help.

Both screws should be the same length. Motorcraft didn't use 2 different sized screws in any carburetor. If the screws go in at different depths in order to get the idle to smooth out and there is more than 1/2 turn difference, then there is something wrong on one side of the carburetor.

Update - Solution to this problem was a dirt. Cleaned out and all was well.

2100, 2150 Differences

Watch a video about the differences:

2150 Venturi Size

2150 Carburetor - Venturi
Most Motorcraft 2 barrel will have the venturi size stamped on the side of the carburetor. In this example it is 1.21, which is the size as illustrated.
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