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Carter YFA Carburetor Flange Gasket G944
Carter YFA Carburetor Flange Gasket - G944

Carter YFA Carburetor Flange Gasket G944

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Your Price: $4.95
Bore: 1 3/4" Bolt holes OC: 3" Thk: 1/8"
Part Number: G944
Availability: In Stock
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2 - 4 $3.96
5+ $2.97
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YFA Carter flange gasket. Insulator flange gasket. Please check the picture for measurements. The YFA can use more than one gasket. 3" OC mounting holes. 

  • Bore: 1 3/4"
  • Bolt holes OC: 3"
  • Thk: 1/8"

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