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BB1 Updraft 1 Barrel

Carter BB-1 updraft carburetor parts including carburetor kits. We stock a selection of hard to find BB1 carburetor springs exclusive to Mikes Carb.

BB1 technical information can be found here.

Carter carburetors use a 3-4 digit number with an 's' at the end. This is the identifying carburetor number.
Numbers that are in the form of 1-, 3-, 6-, etc are casting numbers and do not correlate with rebuild kits and parts.
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Carter RBS BB BBRI Needle & Seat Float Valve
.086 orifice 1/8" F.P.T.
Part # NS503
Average Rating(2)
In Stock
Aisan & Carter Needle & Seat
Part # NS204
In Stock
Carter Float
B&B 1 BBL Downdraft Single Pontoon Float
Part # FL1019
Average Rating(12)
Out of Stock
Carter B&B Float Retainer
Part # 85-801
Average Rating(6)
In Stock
Part # S109
In Stock
Clip Assortment
Part # A108
In Stock
Cotter Pin Assortment - A109
Part # A109
In Stock
E-Clip Assortment - A107
Part # A107
In Stock
Aluminum Plug Assortment
Part # A100
Average Rating(20)
In Stock
Carburetor Rubber Cap Assortment
Part # A103
Average Rating(6)
In Stock
Carter 1 Barrel Clip Assortment
Clip Assortment
Part # A106
Average Rating(4)
In Stock
Stainless Steel Check Ball - 1/8
1/8" steel
Part # 90-21
Average Rating(4)
In Stock
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Rochester 2 Barrel Carburetor Brass Float
Average Rating(101)
Carter AFB Edelbrock Brass Float FL94
Average Rating(38)
Mercarb Carburetor Kit40
Average Rating(166)