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Item In Cart Brass Bushing 3/8
In Stock
3/8" shaft x .415" OD
Part Number 22-103
Item In Cart Dashpot Assembly - 85-900B
Out of Stock
Part Number 85-900B
Item In Cart Carter AFB BBD Vacuum Break Choke Rod - R90
Item In Cart Carter AFB Pump Link - 85-347
In Stock
Part Number 85-347
Item In Cart Aluminum Plug Assortment - A100
In Stock
Part Number A100
Item In Cart Check Ball & Check Weight Assortment
In Stock
Part Number A101
Item In Cart Carburetor Rubber Cap Assortment - A103
In Stock
Part Number A103
Item In Cart Self Locking Retainer
In Stock
Part Number 82-13
Item In Cart Metering Rod Cover for AFB & Edelbrock - 67-108B
In Stock
Part Number 67-108B
Item In Cart Float Pin
In Stock
OD = .081" Length = .380"
Part Number 32-27
Item In Cart AFB Piston for later models
In Stock
Later Model AFB
Part Number 131-1B
Item In Cart Carter AFB Carburetor eManual - CHK EMAIL
In Stock Free Shipping
Part Number eAFB
Item In Cart Carter AFB & WCFB Carburetor Secondary Diaphragm GD380
Item In Cart Carter AFB Pump Inlet Check Assembly 53-73
In Stock
New, Carter AFB inlet check assembly. Number 44 in the picture. This is the jet with the check ball inside.
Part Number 53-73
Item In Cart Carter AFB Edelbrock Brass Float - FL94
Out of Stock
Part Number FL94
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