Metering Rod Video How to Install

Adjusting the WCFB Metering Rods

WCFB Metering RodThe Carter WCFB, 4 barrel carburetor metering rods are used to meter the fuel getting into the carburetor bore. At idle you are at maximum vacuum which makes the metering rods drop down into the main jets. This restricts the flow of fuel. As the engine gains in RPM, the vacuum drops and the metering rods are pulled out of the main jet allowing more fuel to flow.

(note) The metering rods will fit into the jets loosely. They are not meant to fill the hole, only to restrict it.

The metering rod adjustment should be done after the pump adjustment.

  • Back out the throttle lever set screw (idle screw) to allow throttle valves to seat in the bores of the carburetor.
  • Loosen the metering rod screw G.
  • Press down on the vacummeter link (H) until the metering rods bottom in the carburetor body (J).
  • Holding the rods down and seated in the bottom (J), revolve metering rod arm until finger on arm contacts lip (K) of vacumeter link.
  • Hold in place and tighten clamp screw G.
Metering rods for the WCFB have been out of production for several years now. When looking to replace your metering rod keep in mind that Carter used several different lengths of rods in the WCFB.
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