It is important to separate flooding issues from heat soak, or percolation.

Heat soak and/or percolation can occur when the engine gets hot and comes to a idle, or off status. The fuel then boils causing it to flood over the top, or perhaps evaporate quickly.

Flooding occurs when too much fuel in getting into the float bowl and floods over the top.

Both conditions above can cause fuel to run out of the throttle shaft. This doesn't mean the shaft is loose, it is just an easy place for the fuel to run out.

What can cause the flooding:
  • The float is filling up with fuel. Heat up some water just prior to boiling and immerse the float. Any leaks will show up with bubbles.
    • We do carry new brass floats for the W-1 W-1 Float
  • Is the viton tip damaged. Look for any scoring. These are easily damaged when pressure is put on the needle while adjusting the float.
  • Check the float adjustment, both float level and float drop.
  • Did the old gasket under the seat get completely removed. We have seen these get crusted over to where it looks like the carburetor itself.
  • Make sure the gasket isn't cracked.
  • Look for any cracks around the seat.
  • Test your fuel pump. Should be around 2 lbs, but verify this with your motors manual.

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