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W-1 1 Barrel Float Bowl Top
W-1 1 Barrel Float Bowl Top

W-1 1 Barrel Float Bowl Top

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Part Number: UP1018
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Used W-1, 1 barrel carburetor float bowl top. Includes metering rod lever. Application unknown.

 We only list parts that we believe are in usable condition, but keep in mind this is a used part. Used parts may need to be cleaned, buffed, rebuilt or otherwise worked, in order to be used. Please be aware that carburetor types can have many versions of the same part. We do not guarantee any kind of fit and unless stated, the part may fit only certain carburetor numbers. Do not assume it will fit your carburetor without 1st matching, using the photo provided, or any numbers we have added to the listing. I.E. carburetor number. 

 No returns on used parts.

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