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TQ Float Level
Check the float height (brass, or nitrophyl) by turning the bowl cover upside down so the floats rest on the needle valves.
Measure from the float bowl gasket to the bottom surface of the float at the outer edge.

Do not bend the float lip when adjusting the float.
To adjust the float level, bend the float lever at the flat section near the lip end. Lift the float when adjusting so the lip on the float lever does not press against the needle valve. If the lip is distorted, the float can hang up.

The nitrophyl type of Thermoquad float is solid and can only be tested by weighing. Weight should be 7.5 - 8 grams.

Brass floats are tested by heating a pan of water just prior to boiling. Immerse the float. Any bubbles will indicate a leak.

Watch a video about adjusting the float.

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