Instruction sheet includes an exploded view with parts list, float level adjustment instructions, fast idle adjustment, accelerating pump travel adjustment and choke lever setting.

Disassembly - Take plenty of photos during the disassembly.

Keep penetrating oil away from your carburetor, or it will react with the ethanol.

Cleaning - Soak overnight in a bucket of carburetor cleaner, wash thoroughly with hot water to be sure no chemicals are left. Run thin wire through all of the small passage ways. Polish the accelerator pump well.

Put a few drops of oil on the accelerator pump before replacing. You pump will last for many years as long as it doesn't dry out.

Test the brass float - Heat up a pan of water just prior to boiling and immerse the brass float. As the inside of the float heats up, pressure will cause bubbles out of any holes, or cracks.

Power piston - This must work freely, or you will have power loss on the high end. Use silicon spray lubricant to lubricate the piston. Remove the piston and clean the piston and well thoroughly. Be careful because these break easily.

Stromberg WWC Carburetor Parts
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