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Stromberg BXV-3 BXVD-3 1 Barrel Carburetor

Float Level Adjustment
Float AdjustmentInstall the floats with the fulcrum and pin retainer in the main body, then install the needle seat and gasket in the body and tighten securely. Invert the main body so that the free weight of the floats alone is resting against seated needle. The distance from the top of the main body without gasket to the top center of each float should be as specified below. Use a metal ruler to check the float level. Adjust by bending the float hanger arm. When adjusting the float do not apply pressure against the needle. The tip can easily be damaged and you will get a false reading.

Float level measurement: 1/8" below casting w/o gasket.
Idling Adjustment

Turn screw in until gently seated, then turn back out 1 turn. Turn in for a richer mixture. Once the carburetor is on the engine, bring to operating temperature, adjust the idle to specs, then adjust the needle for the smoothest idle.

BXVD Carb Kit
There are 2 BXVD-3 kits. Which one do I need?

This is a typical problem when trying to match a kit for the BXVD-3. We have 2 kits for this carburetor. K6082 & K4256

BXVD-3Throttle body gasket. There are other throttle body gaskets in the kit. This just happens to be the unmatched gasket.
This kit does not use this gasket
BXVD-3 Needle & SeatNotice the threaded end (male) goes into the carburetor and the needle fits inside. The female end stick out of the carburetor and the fuel line connected to the female fitting.
BXVD-3 NeedleThis needle & seat has a female end on both ends.

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