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Solex Universal Replacement Carburetor - New - FMC
Solex Universal Replacement Carburetor - New - FMC

Solex Universal Replacement Carburetor - New - FMC

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1 barrel Solex replacement universal down draft carburetor. Manual choke. Used to replace many 4 cylinder carburetors, including industrial. Can be a replacement for the Toyota forklift with the Aisan carburetor.

Include an adjustable main jet.
Ethanol resistant parts are used.
Throttle lever is 360 degrees adjustable.
Includes a vacuum port when needed.

An adapter may have to be custom made in order to mount the carburetor. This carburetor has a 2 bolt flange mounting. The Aisan probably has a 4 bolt mounting.

Warranty is void if any dirt is found in the carburetor so be sure to have a fuel filter installed. For your convenience, this carburetor includes the filter.

Any warranty problems are handled by the manufacturer.

Installation Tips and Q&A
Initial installation
loosen nut on end of throttle shaft and position arm where he needs it; then, remove the brass cap on the side of the bowl, and make sure the adjusting screw is turned outward about 4-5 turns, then replace the brass cap;  Hook up fuel line and vacuum advance line using rubber hose.  It should be ready to go at that point. 

Will only run when choke bracket is straight up and down, if it tips to one side or the other the carb cuts out
When looking directly at the choke side of the carburetor; the lever pulled toward the choke bracket is "closed"; when pushed away from the choke bracket is "open".  This carb uses a internal bypass choke enrichment. (no choke plate)  Sounds like he has not installed the choke cable correctly.  With the cable disconnected from the swivel; he should pull the choke lever away from the bracket; then with his choke cable in the closed position inside the cab or on the firewall, feed the cable thru the swivel and tighten the set screw.  Then to test, he should then pull the firewall mounted choke button to the on position and check the carb to make sure the choke lever is fully toward the choke bracket. If the lever is in the center position, he still has half choke going on.

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