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Motorcraft 2 barrel carburetor Idle Adjustment w/Solenoid

1980 & later models are not adjustable. These are computer controlled.

2100 Solenoid2100 Solenoid

1979 American Motors 150 4 cyl

  • If there is a lock nut on the solenoid plunger, then loosen it.
  • Turn the idle speed adjusting nut, or the hex screw on the plunger.
  • Disconnect the solenoid wire and adjust the idle speed to 500 rpm in neutral.
  • Reconnect the solenoid wire unless the carburetor has a dashpot.
  • w/Dashpot - With the engine idling, hold the solenoid stem all the way in. Measure the distance from the plunger end to the lever. Should be .093"
  • Connect the Solenoid wire.

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