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Rochester Electric Choke Thermostat - TH1036

Rochester Electric Choke Thermostat - TH1036

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Part Number:TH1036
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1979 - 1981 GM vehicles with 6, 8 cylinder, 2 & 4 barrel. Rochester 2 & 4 barrel Mercury Marine, electric choke.
Replaces Mercury Marine: 70125A - 2 1/8" diameter.

Take notice of the connection. You will need the female end of your wire to match this, which is original. You won't be able to find a wire connection with this type of end, so use what came on the vehicle.

  • Looking at coil = rotates counter-clockwise when heated (choke opens / lean)
  • Choke shaft = rotates clockwise to close (choke closes / rich)
  • Cap diameter = 2.23"

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