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Rochester 4 Jet Float 1/2 Round - FL1021
Rochester 4 Jet Float 1/2 Round - FL1021

Rochester 4 Jet Float 1/2 Round - FL1021

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Rochester 4G, 4GC brass float. New currently being produced. These do not replace the camel back type of float. These will replace the 1/2 round, or full round.

There were 3 different floats for the 4 Jet carburetor and they are not interchangeable.

Triangular type of float were original equipment for all Rochester 4GC models after 1957 except for the Chevrolet 4GC's.

1/2 round Chevy used the 1/2 moon float right up the end of 4GC production in 1967. Also replaces the full round float that were used on the 1952-53 Buick, Cadillac & Oldsmobile carburetors.

Camel back - Used on some 1956 and 1957 models.

  • Float settings are available on the adjustment page included in kit rebuild instructions.
  • NEVER adjust a float using the pontoon. Damage to the float can occur, adjust using the hinge.
  • Adjusting float and putting pressure on the needle will cause your carb to flood.
  • To test brass floats: submerge them in hot water and look for bubbles which mean you have pin-hole leaks.

REPLACES OE: 7000199

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