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  7. Rochester 2G 2GC Float Bowl Gasket - G811
Rochester 2G 2GC Float Bowl Gasket - G811
Rochester 2G 2GC Float Bowl Gasket - G811

Rochester 2G 2GC Float Bowl Gasket - G811

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Crusader, Mercury Marine, OMC, Volvo Penta
Part Number: G811
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Rochester 2 Jet float bowl gasket. 1/32" thick. New, currently being produced. Black nitrate coated to prevent leaks.

This is 1 of 2 gaskets for this application. Match up your gasket carefully using the old gasket, or using the float bowl.

Use silicon spray lubricant on your gaskets to help keep them pliable.
  • Crusader
    305? 5.0L
  • Mercury Marine
    MCM 255 w/305? 5.0L
  • OMC
    140 w/141? 2.3L, 154? 2.5L, 181? 3.0L
    225? 3.7L, 229? 3.8L, 262? 4.3L
    185, 200 W/234? 3.8L 265? 4.3L, 305? 5.0L
    234? 3.8L, 265? 4.3L, 305? 5.0L
    305? 5.0L, 350? 5.7L
  • Volvo Penta
    AQ200D, 200F, 500A; 305? 5.0L
Please be sure to match your carburetor number with the list provided. While the application list is a guide it does not insure the correct carburetor kit. Many engines used more than 1 carburetor type and carburetor kits are not interchangeable.

No return on opened kits.

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