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  7. Rochester 2G, 2GC Accelerator Pump 2.380 x 3/4 - AP415
Rochester 2G, 2GC Accelerator Pump 2.380 x 3/4 - AP415
Rochester 2G, 2GC Accelerator Pump 2.380 x 3/4 - AP415

Rochester 2G, 2GC Accelerator Pump 2.380 x 3/4 - AP415

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2.380 x 3/4
Part Number: AP415
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Rochester 2G, 2GC, 2 barrel accelerator pump. This particular accelerator pump includes the delayer spring, even though it isn't in the picture. Please note that there are several accelerator pumps for the 2 jet carburetor. You need to be careful which one you select. Compare the sizes from your old pump. Hopefully you have the correct pump to start with.

  • Made in the USA
  • Methanol Resistant Cup
  • Delayer Spring
  • Garter Spring

Polish the accelerator pump well before inserting the new pump. Keep all chemicals away from the pump. Even ethanol resistant parts will fail if the ethanol concentration is high enough.

Also includes some marine applications:

  • Crusader
    305ƒ€ 5.0L
  • Mercury Marine
    MCM 255 w/305ƒ€ 5.0L
  • OMC
    140 w/141ƒ€ 2.3L, 154ƒ€ 2.5L, 181ƒ€ 3.0L
    225ƒ€ 3.7L, 229ƒ€ 3.8L, 262ƒ€ 4.3L
    185, 200 W/234ƒ€ 3.8L 265ƒ€ 4.3L, 305ƒ€ 5.0L
    234ƒ€ 3.8L, 265ƒ€ 4.3L, 305ƒ€ 5.0L
    305ƒ€ 5.0L, 350ƒ€ 5.7L
  • Volvo Penta
    AQ200D, 200F, 500A; 305ƒ€ 5.0L
Please be sure to match your carburetor number with the list provided. While the application list is a guide it does not insure the correct carburetor kit. Many engines used more than 1 carburetor type and carburetor kits are not interchangeable.

Carburetor Numbers:

17057130 17057131 17057133 17057134 17057138 17059051 17059057 17059058 17059059 17059060 17080050 17083110 17085008 17086107 826414-5 841048-2 841667-9

No return on opened kits.

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