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Quadrajet High Speed Lack of Power

Lack of power is often caused by electrical, or engine wear. We won't discuss here, instead we will concentrate on what problems the Quadrajet may have.

  • Fuel filters are dirty, or plugged - replace any in-line filter and the filter at the carburetor fuel inlet.
  • Float level may be too low - set to specifications.
  • Float isn't dropping far enough to open the needle fully.
  • Power valve may be dirty, or sticking. Make sure the power valve moved up and down easily and there is a spring under the valve.
  • Float is catching when moving up and down. The float pin may be worn. Move the float up and down by hand to see if you feel anything catching.
  • Needle is sticking in the seat. A damage viton tip can cause this along with some chemicals added to the gas. NOTE: Do not apply any pressure to the needle when adjusting the float.
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