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Quadrajet Accelerator Pump Circuit

Engine Hesitates

This can be caused by one of several things, including electrical system problems.

  • Accelerator pump itself may be bad. The cup curled, or is damaged. Some chemicals added to the fuel, or left in the carburetor can cause this.
  • Do a quick test of the accelerator pump circuit.
  • The pump passage way to the main discharge may be plugged.
  • Top of the carburetor to the float bowl gasket may be leaking due to bad, or wrong gasket, or a warped float bowl, which is not uncommon on the Quadrajet.
  • Check the float level.
  • Carburetor mounting bolts are loose.
Polish the pump well with crocus cloth, or 2000+ sand paper. Apply a couple of dabs of white lithium grease. Today's gas has little lubrication. A little grease will help.

Ethanol Defense

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