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Motorcraft 2100 Choke Circuit

Motorcraft 2100 Choke Circuit
The original hot air choke uses a metal spring to move the choke from closed to open position. Actually the thermostat is wound tight against the choke shaft closing the choke. Hot air is brought up from the exhaust manifold to the choke housing through a hot air tube. A small vacuum port feeds vacuum from the intake up through the carburetor and into the choke housing, which helps draw the hot air up through the hot air tube. As the choke thermostat heats up, the spring unwinds letting tension off of the choke shaft and the choke valve opens.

The choke piston is used to slightly open the choke valve when tromping on the gas while the engine is cold and the choke is closed. This piston does not use any seals, or O rings and needs to glide smoothly.

How does the Motorcraft 2100 Choke System Work?

This video demonstrates how the choke system works and what it looks like assembled. This is a must see if you are trying to diagnose choke problems.

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Convert your hot air choke to an electric choke:
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