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Item In Cart Makuni Solex Float FL74
Part Number FL74
Item In Cart Pump Stem Seal - G272
In Stock
ID .239 OD .379
Part Number G272
Item In Cart Accelerator Pump Diaphragm Solex - AP750
In Stock
Stem = .325" X .280"
Part Number AP750
Item In Cart Secondary Tube Seal O-Ring - G273
In Stock
ID .176" OD .316" THK .070"
Part Number G273
Item In Cart Mikuni / Solex Carburetor Idle Mixture Screw
In Stock
(LATE MODEL) 1980-89 Chrysler Import, Mitsubishi, Hyundai
Part Number 16-147
Item In Cart Mikuni Solex Auxiliary Enrichment Diaphragm
In Stock
1980-84 Mitsubishi and Chrysler Imports
Part Number AP1326F
Item In Cart Clip Assortment - A108
In Stock
Part Number A108
Item In Cart Cotter Pin Assortment - A109
In Stock
Part Number A109
Item In Cart E-Clip Assortment - A107
In Stock
Part Number A107
Item In Cart Mikuni / Solex Idle Mixture Screw 16-148
In Stock
10 x .5 x 1.40"
Part Number 16-148
Item In Cart Idle Mixture Screw Spring - Mikuni/Solex
Item In Cart Mikuni Bowl Vent Valve
Part Number 1219F
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