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What Causes Carburetor Flooding

What Causes Carburetor Flooding

There are several things that can cause flooding. I will address each.

The 1st thing most people want to do when their carb is flooding is change the float setting. Unless the float is hugely off, that isn't the problem. At least as far as the setting goes. Set your float to specifications and leave it there. Fudging the float setting is covering up the real problem.

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Mercarb Carburetor Rebuild

The Mercarb marine carburetor is a 2 barrel carburetor that looks much like the Rochester 2 Jet, with some differences being the single idle mixture screw on the Mercarb, 2 Jet has 2. Jets are a different size, power jet is different, power piston is different.
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Mercarb Accelerator Pump

The accelerator pump isn't returning to idle position. What could be wrong?
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