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Mercarb Marine Jet Sizes

Find your current jet size by inspecting your main jet. It will be stamped with 3 numbers. A 165 indicates a 1.65 mm jet.

ModelCarburetor Numbers0-5000 ft5000 ft +
25L/3.0L OC856400 and below1389-9562A, 3310-806077A, 3310-860070A1.45 mm1.40 mm
3.0L OC856451-OF3530991389-815396A, 3310-806078A1.60 mm1.50 mm
3.0L OL000001 and above3310-807504A1.55 mm1.55 mm
3.0LX1389-815397A,1.65 mm1.55 mm
3310-805924A1.60 mm1.50 mm
3310-807504A1.55 mm1.55 mm
4.3L, 4.3LX1389-9565A41.65 mm1.55 mm
1389-9565A, 3310-806080A, 3310-806972A1.60 mm1.50 mm
3310-807764A1.55 mm1.45 mm
5.0L1389-9563A, 3310-806081A, 3310-861080A1.70 mm1.60 mm
1389-9670A, 3310-806082A1.85 mm1.75 mm
5.7L3310-807312A, 3310-861245A1.65 mm1.50 mm
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