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Can you give me ideas on how to remove the main nozzle for a Marvel Schebler TSX-530 Type C carburetor? According to the manuel it unscrews from the bottom. I assume that the main jet and the nozzle are one piece. I haven't tried beating on it or cranking on it yet. I don't want to screw it up until I know that I can replace it. Have replacement parts?
My main problem is that the idle pick-up hole (the second one from the right of the main throat in the first pic. The first one I think is air vent to the bowl.) is clogged. I've tried using a copper wire, air pressure, and solvent, but can't unplug it. Consequently it won't idle without choking.

Yes, this jet does remove. You can try using a brass drift punch on the end and hitting it a few time with a hammer. Don't get over zealous. Penetrating oil might help. Be sure to clean the carburetor after because anything like WD40 will react with ethanol and eat the gaskets.

Try applying heat to the steel around the jet. That gets me out of trouble a lot of times.

Whatever you do, be carefull about trying to turn the jet with a screw driver, having it slip and rounding off the edges. You will never get it removed if that is done.


Dave Burgmeier

Date 8/22/2013

I have a tsx 530 and the main jet was all plugged up also, did all the things mentioned. I did get it out but I broke it in half. Is there a replacement available? the main jet that is or am I out of luck. I also need a throttle plate and are they available?

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