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Idle Mixture Screw - Carter AVS
Idle Mixture Screw - Carter AVS

Idle Mixture Screw - Carter AVS

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10-32 x 1.870
Part Number: 16-60
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Idle mixture screw primarily for "large bore" Carter AVS. Match your dimensions and screw to the photo, these can not be identified using carburetor numbers.
Over all length 1.870 (10-32)

Adjusting the Idle Mixture Screws

The idle mixture screws only affects idle. They simply control the amount of fuel and air mixture that is delivered at idle.

First run the screws in all the way until they seat, lightly. Too hard and you will damage the screw. Now back the screw out until the specified rpm is achieved. Turning the idle mixture screws clockwise (in) leans the idle mixture. Turning the idle mixture screws counter clockwise (out) richens the mixture.

Turn the mixture screws, alternating between the two in 1/4 turn at a time until the engine rpm starts to drop, then turn them back out 1/4 of a turn.

When adjusting your idle mixture screws doesn't seem to change the engine rpm much is an indication that there is something wrong and could be an indication of a needed rebuild.

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