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  • 94, 2100, AA-1 2 Barrel 94, 2100, AA-1 2 Barrel
    Originally the Holley 94 (as they are commonly called) was made by the Chandler Grove company for the 1938 Ford. Soon after that Ford contracted Holley to produce the 1 barrel carburetor which lasted until 1957. The Ford carburetor type for the 94 was AA-1.

    We still see some of the 94's with the Chandler Grove name on the carburetor. The earliest 94's made by Holley had Ford stamped into the carburetor. Later models may have 94 stamped. Holley made many replacement carburetors for the 94 including the 2100 and 2110 carburetor.

    The Chandler Grove, AA-1, 94, 2100 & 2110 designated carburetors are for the most part synonymous and use the same carburetor kit with the exception of a few carburetor numbers. Be sure to match your carburetor with the correct kit. For dual, or tripple carburetor setups be sure to match the carburetors.

    The Holley 94 uses a power valve, which normally runs at 7.6". When running 2 or 3 carburetors you will need to reduce the size, or you will get too much gas at power..
  • 740 2 Barrel 740 2 Barrel
  • 852 2 Barrel 852 2 Barrel
    Holley 852, 2 barrel carburetor parts.
  • 885 2 Barrel 885 2 Barrel
    Holley 885 carburetor kits and other carburetor parts.
  • 847 1 Barrel 847 1 Barrel
    The Holley 847 is a 1 barrel downdraft carburetor. Many of the parts for the 847 also fit the Holley 94. The Holley 847 carburetor was used on 1941-51 Ford car and 1941-41 Ford Truck 6 cylinder. Holley 847 carburetor parts including carburetor kits and sometimes used hard to find parts.

    The carburetor number is stamped on the side of the float bowl. The full number may not be there, but enough to get the correct kit. For example the 8HA-A is probably stamped 8HA.
  • 859 1 Barrel 859 1 Barrel
  • 1901 2 Barrel 1901 2 Barrel
  • 1904 1 Barrel 1904 1 Barrel
    Holley 1904 carburetor parts. Lists all parts that we carry for the Holley 1 barrel 1904 carburetor. The Holley carburetor model 1904 is used on Ford standard and automatic transmission six cylinder passenger cars and six cylinder trucks beginning with the 1952 models. This carburetor has a venturi approximately 1 1/4" in diameter and a standard two bolt 1 1/4" mounting flange with a 1 7/16" throttle bore. The carburetor used in conjunction with the automatic transmission is equipped with a dashpot to prevent stalling upon deceleration.

    Be sure to use our ethanol additive to prevent damage due to alcohol.
  • 1909 1 Barrel 1909 1 Barrel
    The Holley 1909 is a 1 barrel downdraft carburetor. Unlike most carburetors, the inlet needle seat is cast as part of the carburetor top, which means the needle is replaced, but not the seat. The needle has a Viton tip. The float is a Nitrophyl Cellouse type of float  and they can absorb fuel over time and should be replaced at rebuild time. Unfortunately the float is no longer produced, so when you do come across a new float hang on to it. The float pin is made of plastic and great care should be taken not to break it. The accelerator pump has a replaceable cup, which is what you will find in the carburetor kit. While the 1909 carburetor kit will cover most 1909 carburetors, there are a few still in operation that use a different cup size. In fact there are three different sizes. Along with the carburetor kit, we do carry the only other cup size that is still available. The Holley 1909 also uses a vacuum operated power piston design.
  • 1920 1 Barrel 1920 1 Barrel
    The Holley 1920 carburetor is a one barrel downdraft carburetor with an aluminum throttle body, zinc float bowl and metering body. Some 1920 carburetors had a glass float bowl and the glass and zinc float bowls are interchangeable. The metering block contains the main metering jet and accelerator pump check valves. The accelerator pump can be a cam operated, or a spring type. The cam type will use an accelerator pump with a flat stem, while the spring type uses a round stem type of pump. The 1920 generally used a Nitrophyl type of float, which should be changed at each rebuild, but unfortunately the 1920 float is no longer being produced.  We do have a NOS 1920 float that fits some of the 1920 carburetors.
    The 1920 carburetor is identified by it's LIST number, which can be found on the top of the main body, just behind the float bowl. Holley carburetor numbers may be listed as R-1185-1A, with 1185 being the list number and generally can be used to identify the correct carburetor kit.

    Our catalog includes carburetor kits, floats, thermostats, choke pulloffs and other carburetor related parts.  All parts that we have available can be found in this catalog. We often add new parts, so check back every so often.
  • 1931 1 Barrel 1931 1 Barrel
    Holley 1931 carburetor parts.
  • 1940, 1945, 6145 1 Barrel 1940, 1945, 6145 1 Barrel
  • 1946, 6146 1 Barrel 1946, 6146 1 Barrel
    Holley 1946 carburetor parts including carburetor kits, choke thermostats & pulloffs.
  • 1970 1 Barrel
  • 1949 1 Barrel
  • 2280, 6280 2 Barrel 2280, 6280 2 Barrel
    The Holley 2280 is usually found on original equipment installations, but can be used as a replacement for the Carter BBD carburetor. From 1978 to the late 80's this carburetor was used on Chrysler products with a 318" engine. The 2280 has 3 aluminum main parts, the air horn, main body and the throttle body. The accelerator pump is a piston type, which makes it unique to most of the other Holley carburetors, which use the diaphragm type of pump. The Holley 2280 generally used a divorced choke thermostat. Divorced meaning it isn't part of the carburetor, but fits into the manifold. The model 6280 is the same type of carburetor with the exception of a mixture control solenoid.

    This catalog lists all parts that we have available for the Holley 2280, including carburetor kits, floats, thermostats & pull-offs.
  • 4150 4160 4 Barrel 4150 4160 4 Barrel
    Holley 4150 carburetor parts, including carburetor kits, floats and other related carburetor parts.

    The Holley 4150, 4 barrel carburetor was introduced in 1957 on some Ford engines. It was used on . Chevrolet and Chrysler engines later. It was the most popular carburetor for use on high performance engines.
  • 4175, 4165 4 Barrel
  • 4180 4 Barrel 4180 4 Barrel
    Holley 4180 carburetor parts including carburetor kits, choke thermostats & pulloffs.
    The Holley 4180 came on 1983-85 Mustangs with the 302" 5.0L engine, manual transmission. The 4180 can also be found on many Ford pickups. 1979-85 with 460" engine and 1983-90 with the 351" & 460" engine. 

    While most Holley 4 barrel carburetors have the idle mixture screw in the metering block, the 4180 mixture screws are in the throttle body.

  • 4360 4 Barrel 4360 4 Barrel
    Holley 4360, 4 barrel carburetor parts, including carburetor kits, floats and other related carburetor parts.

    The 4360 was introduced in 1976 and was a replacement for the Rochester Quadrajet on 65-82 GM vehicles. The Holley 4360 can also replace the Carter Thermoquad on 75 and later Chrysler products.
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