Watch a video about how to rebuild the Holley 847 carburetor.

Holley 847 Carburetor

Holley 847

Is Your 847 Flooding on Start Up?

The Holley 847 choke plate has a poppet valve. The purpose of this valve is to open on start up so that the air isn't choked completely causing a too much fuel condition. Make sure the poppet valve is not sticking. Remember that only vacuum is used to open this valve.

What if the Poppet Valve is Missing From the Choke Valve?

Just the opposite from above. With the valve missing, there may be too much air entering the carburetor in a cold engine condition thus starving the engine of necessary fuel. If you have a "hard to keep running when cold condition" check out the choke valve and poppet valve. When cold the poppet valve will be closed.

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