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Holley 4000 Accelerator Pump Cup 102-1
Holley 4000 Accelerator Pump Cup 102-1

Holley 4000 Accelerator Pump Cup 102-1

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OD = 23/32" (.719") ID = .203"
Part Number: AP102-1
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Pump cup for some of the Holley 4000 carbs. The cups on these pumps are very similar so compare your measurements carefully if you can't match by carb number.

LIST 1251, R-1251A, R-1251AS (2343140) R-1067A (409502) LIST 1067 R-864, R-864-1A, R-864-1AAS, R-977A, R-987A, R-987-1A, R-987-2A, R-1053A, R-1169A, R-1170A, R-1290A, R-1291A, R-1291-1A, R-1292A, R-1359A, R-1448A, R-1449A, R-1589A, R-1590A, R-1591A, R-1592A, R-1593A, R-1593-1A, R-1594A, R-1594-1A, R-1594-2A, R-1595A, R-1595-1A, R-1596A, R-1597A, R-1597-1A, R-1669A, R-1669-1A, R-1792-1A, R-1792-2A, R-1792, R-1792-3A (2605-H2), R-1960-1A, R-1960-2A, R-1967A, R-1968A, R-2094-1A, R-2361A, R-3020A, R-3914A, R-3914-1A, R-4334A, R-4334-1A, R-4335A, R-4336A, R-4344A, R-4344-1A, R-6399A, R-6399-1A, R-6399-2A, R-6399-3A, R-6439A, R-6439-1A, R-6439-2A, R-6672A, R-6672AAA, R-6807A, R-6834A, R-6834AAS, R-6851-1A R-1348A, R-1348-1A, R-1967A, R-2361A, R-2406A, R-2406-1A, R-2407A, R-2408A, R-2460A, R-2461A, R-2461-1A, R-2461-2A, R-2486A, R-2486-2A, R-2486-1A, R-2634A, R-2634-1A, R-2669A, R-2669-1A, R-2702A, R-2702-1A, R-2760A, R-2760-1A, R-2869-1A, R-3023A, R-3448A, R-3518A, R-3518-1A, R-3666A, R-3914A, R-3914-1A, R-4337A, R-4338A, R-4339A, R-4339-1A, R-4340A, R-4341A, R-4342A, R-4343, R-4633A, R-4634A, R-4634-1A, R-4634-2A, R-4634-3A, R-4634-4A, R-4635A, R-4635-1A, R-4635-2A, R-4635-2AAS, R-4636A, R-4636-1A, R-4636-2A, R-4636-3A, R-4636-3AAS, R-6313A, R-6313-1A, R-6313-2A, R-6313-3A, R-6313-3AAS, R-6314A, R-6314-1A, R-6314-2A, R-6314-3A, R-6314-4A, R-6315A, R-6315-1A, R-6315-2A, R-6315-3A, R-6626A, R-6626-1A, R-6627A, R-6627-1A, R-6627AAS, R-6672AAA, R-6808A, R-6809A, R-6810A, R-6811A, R-6812A, R-7109A, R-7412A

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